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Dernière mise à jour : 16 mai 2023

On May 12 from 9:00 to 12:00 (local time), there will be a workshop in Fakultätssaal in the Philosophicum, University of Mainz:

The program is as follows:

  • "Wutun Differential Argument Marking in the context of the Amdo Sprachbund" by Prof. Erika SANDMAN, From University of Helsinki, 9:00 - 10:20

  • "Lexical and phonetic variation in Eastern Yugur (Shira Yughur)" by Prof. Hans NUGTEREN, From University of Göttingen, 10:30 - 11:50

  • genesandlanguages

On Fabruary 14, there will be a Workshop in the Turkology seminar room (Hegelstrasse 59, 55122 Mainz) from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

The program is as follows:

  • Prof. Dr. Dan XU-SONG (JGU Mainz, FB 05, DEL, Language Typology, Leiterin des ERC-Projektes): "How Turkic languages are relevant to our ERC project”.

  • Prof. Dr. Julian RENTZSCH (JGU Mainz, Professur für Turkologische Sprachwissenschaft): “It is still necessary and possible to do research on Old Turkic Yenisei inscriptions?

  • Hao LI, Post Doc. of ERC-TRAM: “The Linxia dialect: linguistic facts from a mixed population in the Gansu-Qinghai area”.

  • Jianxi GUO, Post Doc. of ERC-TRAM: “Ancient genomes from Han to Tang Dynasty in Hexi Corridor, northwest China”.

  • Merlin KRÄKER, Ph.D.student,: “Topic Markers in Kazakh and Buryat

Dernière mise à jour : 26 janv. 2023

On January 18, Prof. PAN Yan from Fudan University will give a lecture:

农作物的语言溯源及其对中国境内水稻和小米驯化与传播的启示 Tracing origins and dispersal of crops through paleobiolinguistics and its implication to the studies of domestication and dispersal of rice and millets in China

18/01/2023 09:30-11:00 (Paris time) Prof. PAN Yan, from Fudan University

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