Dernière mise à jour : 23 nov.

On November 23, Professor Yuanyuan Li from Northwest A&F University will give us a conference.

The cultural logic of the expression of the interests of peasant groups: a field ethnography of a minority village’s “land preservation” action

23/11/2022 (Wednesday), 09:00 am (Paris time)

Professor Yuanyuan Li, College of Humanities and Social Development, Northwest A&F University

Dernière mise à jour : 22 nov.

On November 2, Professor Hui Li from Fudan University will give us a conference on language and genetics.

The Origin of Chinese and East Asian Languages in Genetic Genealogy

02/11/2022 (Wednesday), 13:00 (Paris time)

Speaker: Professor Hui Li, Director of the School of Life Sciences, Fudan University

  • genesandlanguages

Dernière mise à jour : 23 nov.

On 16 July 2022, we have a presentation by Dr. Dagomar Degroot of Georgetown University.

Speaker:Georgetown University, Dr. Dagomar Degroot

Topic:The History of Climate and Society: Challenges and Opportunities in the Study of Past Climate Change(气候与社会史:过去气候变化研究中的挑战与机遇)

Time:08:00 (Paris time), 16/07/2022